kodaline being awkward and dumb.


you force me up again. seeking answers. but i have no answers. only truth. stones and bones. i see a river. two shores. three sides. i see life; splitting, joining and struggling. each for itself.  

                      a l o n e .




Natalie Dormer attends the Game of Thrones panel and Q&A at Comic Con (2014) [x]


My friends here in Palm Springs knew about Sydney and me. They were the only ones in the Moroi world (or the human world that shadowed the Moroi) who knew about our relationship. They felt bad for what had happened for my sake and also for hers. They’d loved Sydney too. Not like I did, of course, but she was the kind of person who was fiercely loyal and inspired deep bonds in her friends.

"I miss her too," Trey said softly.


Shameless Meme: [2/7] ladies • Mandy Milkovich

"You have plenty of time to be disappointed by men. Trust me."

Welcome back.